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About us

Monocircus is a design atelier and an online store run by Kazunori Takeishi and Shing Ee, Lim.

Based on the key concept of seeking a lifestyle enriched by Art and Design,
Monocircus aims at developing various forms of products within the paradigm of lifestyle design,
that are not constrained by scale,
ranging from accessories and small items to be worn, to furniture, public art, interior and architecture design.

Since the founding of Monocircus,
3D printing technology was particularly made a focal point for its possibility of realizing complex designs and forms
that were not possible to be realized by hand. With materials such as nylon plastic, stainless steel and silver,
3D printing technology was utilised to produce a varied series of original items.
To date, Monocircus has created a multitude of fashion accessories with the concept of ‘wearable’ Art objects
and since its beginning in 2011, Monocircus has been featured in local and foreign media, gained popularity from its online business,
and has been actively involved in numerous market events held in major departmental stores and exposition events.

About us, the Founders:

Kazunori Takeishi (b.1979),
graduated from the deparment of architecture at the Tokyo University of the Arts,
further studied architecture at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan (USA).
Upon graduation, he worked as an assistant tutor in Tokyo University of the Arts,
followed by design work in architecture firms.
During his years as an architecture undergraduate,
he had been very interested in architectural design processes,
which led him to practise computational design and eventually to 3D printing product design.

Shing Ee, Lim (b. 1976),
is a Singaporean artist,graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore
and Musashino Art University (Tokyo) with a major in painting,
with a portfolio that ranges from paintings, drawings to sculptures, installations and public art.

Monocircus is a small, novice design atelier, with just two of us working not only as designers,
but we also fully run its online business, managing and marketing our creations on our own.
Despite our limited experience in running a business,
we are slowly and gradually beginning to capture a reasonable threshold of clientele
as our products slowly gained popularity locally and internationally.
As the technology of 3D printing gains speed in its development,
we hope to continue to produce creations with new and greater standards beyond time.
And we are open and keen to propositions for collaborations with establishments and companies
that could boost our creative process and business development.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested to consign our products
or to develop new ideas and design through collaborations.

Lim Shing Ee

1976 born in Singapore
1998 graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
2002 graduated from the Masters program at Musashino Art University, Japan

Kazunori Takeishi

1979 born in Fukui, Japan
2002 graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan
2004 graduated from the Masters program at Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA