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please refer to calendar page for events of 2021

2021.03 Exhibited in DePadova Ishiya Show Room Pop-Up in Hyogo

2021.03 Participated in Pop-Up event of Hakata Hankyu Department Store in Fukuoka

2021.02 Moving of Studio from Fukuoka to Ibaraki


2020.12 Participated in Pop-Up event of Osaka Takatsugi Hankyu Department Store

2020.11 Participated in Pop-Up event of Osaka Nishinomiya Hankyu Department Store

2020.11 Participated in Pop-Up event of Tokyu Hands in Hakata, Fukuoka

2020.11 Participated in Design Festa Vol.52 in Tokyo BigSight, Tokyo

2020.10 Participated in Pop-Up event in MONOTIAM in Tokyo

2020.09 Solo Exhibition at Gallery QUONA in Fukuoka

2020.09 Participated in Pop-Up event at Paseo in Sapporo, Hokkaido

2020.09 Exhibited in Nihon no Takumi Exhibition at Hakata Hankyu in Fukuoka

2020.08 Participated in Pop-Up event of Osaka Umeda Hankyu Department Store

2020.06 Produced Lacunal 3D Support Frame for ease breathing

2020.04 Exhibited at Cu-So-Store in Osaka

2020.03 Participated in Pop-Up event of Tokyu Hands in Hakata, Fukuoka

2020.02 Participated in Pop-Up event of Osaka Nishinomiya Hankyu Department Store

2020.02 Participated in Gogoku Shrine Market event in Fukuoka

2020.01 Featured on art museum feature of BS Television

2020.01 Participated in Pop-Up event of Osaka Takatsugi Hankyu Department Store

2020.01 Participated in HMJ 2020 at Tokyo Big Sight



2018.12 Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary project, Exhibited in MINNE x Kirari Keio Kichijoji in Tokyo

2018.12 Participated in Creators Market in Nagoya

2018.11 Exhibited at MONOTIAM Brooch Exhibition in Tokyo

2018.11 Exhibited at Design Festa vol.48 in Tokyo Big Sight

2018.11 Exhibited at Lohas Festa Banpaku in Osaka

2018.10 Exhibited at Kyoto Handmade Marche

2018.10 Participated in FREE PARK Pop-up Event at MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA

2018.09 Participated in Yutorie Festival at Hakata Hankyu in Fukuoka

2018.09 Participated in Gokoku Shrine Market event in Fukuoka

2018.08 Participated in Gokoku Shrine Summer Night Market in Fukuoka

2018.07 Participated in HMJ fes 2018 in Tokyo Big Sight

2018.06 Participated in Creators Market in Nagoya

2018.06 Awarded and chosen for LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT 2018

2018.05 Participated in Gokoku Shrine Market event in Fukuoka

2018.05 Exhibited at Design Festa vol.47 in Tokyo Big Sight

2018.04 Exhibited at minne handmade market in Tokyo Big Sight

2018.04 Participated in HOWHOUSE Accessories Garden in Ikebukuro Tokyu Hands in Tokyo

2018.04 Participated in minne x Hakata Hankyu in Fukuoka

2018.04 Participated in Lohas Festa in Fukuoka

2018.02 Participated in Shinjuku Isetan Pop-up event by WAO

2018.01 Participated in Creema Craft Party in Osaka

2018.01 Exhibited at the Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs in Tokyo


2017.12 Participated in Creators’ Market in Nagoya

2017.11 Participated in Design Festa Vol 46 in Tokyo Big Sight

2017.9 Works presented at WAO Pop-up event at Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae

2017.9 Participated in Creema Craft Caravan in Itoshima, Fukuoka

2017.9 Featured in ‘Zexy Premier’ Japanese magazine

2017.8 Featured in ‘My Accessory Style’ Japanese magazine

2017.8 Works presented at Pop-up Store event at Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo

2017.7 Temporary Feature & Sale at Mori Art Museum shop, Tokyo in conjunction with ‘Sunshower’ exhibition

2017.7 Participated in Handmade in Japan Fes 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight

2017.6 Limited period sale at museum shop of Dallas Museum of Art, USA

2017.5 Participated in Design Festa Vol 45 at Tokyo Big Sight

2017.4 Citizen Limited Edition Bangle Design Collaborative Project

2017.3 Participated in Osaka Art & Handmade Bazaar Vol 24

2017.2 Temporary Popup event in Fukuoka by Koran College of Fashion Design

2017.2 Exhibited in curated show ‘Crossing Visions V Ecology of Creation’ at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum

2017.1 Participated in CREEMA CRAFT PARTY 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight


2016.12 Participated in MINNE mieru tour at Parco Fukuoka

2016.11 Exhibited at Isetan Shizuoka

2016.10 Participated in Coffee Festival at Maizuru Park Fukuoka

2016.8 Participated in Mid Summer Design Festa at Tokyo Big Sight

2016.7 Participated in Handmade in Japan Fes 2016

2016.6 Participated at market event by Minne at Parco in Hiroshima

2016.5 Participated at Yokohama Handmade Marche 2016, Tokyo

2016.5 Selected works featured and available for sale at The Met, museum shop of Metropolitan Museum of Art in conjunction with exhibition ‘Manus × Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology’

2016.4 Participated at Minne Handmade Market in Tokyo Big Sight

2016.3 Participated at Shibuya Circus at Tokyu Hands in Shibuya, Tokyo

2016.1 Participated at the Creema Craft Party 2016

2016.1 Exhibited for Fashion x Digital curated event by Isetan, Shinjuku, Tokyo


2015.11 Exhibited at Yokohama Handmade Marche in Daimaru Department Store, Sapporo

2015.10 Exhibited at Fashion World Tokyo 2015 Autumn at Tokyo Big Sight

2015.9 Participated in OSAKA Art & Handmade Bazaar Vol.19, Osaka

2015.8 Exhibited as part of curated event, 'DIGITAL LIFE!!~touch something invisible' at Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo

2015.8 Exhibited at limited period promotion event at Mitsukoshi Department Store, Sendai

2015.7 Participated in Handmade Market by minne at Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo

2015.7 Participated in Handmade In Japan Fes 2015, Tokyo

2015.7 Participated at Handmade Market, organized by minne at Iwataya Department Store, Fukuoka

2015.6 Participated in Maker's Bazaar Osaka Vol. 2, Osaka

2015.5 Nominated as semi-finalist at the Rapid 3D Jewelry Competitionorganized by Design Museum Boston

2015.5 Exhibited at the Ethical Fashion College event at Ikejiri Institute of Design, Tokyo

2015.5 BowTie was awarded the A'Design Award (Italy) and exhibited at the Museum of Design, Como, Italy

2015.4 Participated in market event, Mojiko Grand Market Spring 2015, Kitakyushu

2015.3 Participated in market event, OSAKA Art & Handmade Bazaar in Osaka

2015.2 Featured in 4th & 5th issue of 'My 3D Printer' weekly magazine by DeAGOSTINI


2014.12 Exhibited at Hands Gallery Market at Tokyu Hands in Ginza, Tokyo

2014.12 Market event participation at Pinkoi Designers' Market at Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo

2014.11 Participated in Market event at MOJIKO Grand Market

2014.9 Participated in market event at Osaka Umeda Hankyu Department Store, organized by d-creators

2014.9 Exhibited at Isetan in Shinjuku, Tokyo for its fashion styling exhibition

2014.8 Featured on Fukuoka KBC Television program

2014.8 Kazu's work, 'Cumulus', exhibited at Mitsukoshi x Geidai, Summer Art Festival

2014.7 Interviewed and featured in Italian online magazine, Handmade in Italy

2014.6 BREEZEA was featured in designboom.com, international online design magazine

2014.5 CUBE pen stand for the Meticulous was featured in notcot.org , online design magazine

2014.5 Featured in ZEXY PREMIER, Japanese bridal magazine, Japan

2014.4 Nominated Top 14 at Dutch Design Exhibition

2014.4 Featured in ARTNEXUS exhibition at Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo, Japan

2014.3 We moved to a new home!

2014.3 Market event participation at FASHION WEEK FUKUOKA 2014

2014.2 New stockist : SPUR HAUSWERKS at Orchard Road in Singapore

2014.2 Fashion Meets Digital exhibition at Osaka Hankyu Department Store, Japan

2014.1 Featured on a book published by Yosensha MOOK on 3D printing, Japan


2013.12 Commissioned art work at Telok Ayer MRT Station Subway in Singapore opens to public.

2013.10 Design Exhibition, TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2013

2013.10 Art work exhibited, Singapore Biennale 2013 in 8Q of Singapore Art Museum

2013.9 3 Winning entries exhibited, 3D Fashion Accessory Challenge by Materialise, Belgian Embassy, Tokyo

2013.9 3D Bow Ties available for sale at Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in New York, USA

2013.9 New stockist : TSUNAGU in Shimane Prefecture, Japan

2013.9 New stockist : Cuir Carameliser in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan

2013.8 Featured in MdN Graphic and Design publication

2013.8 Featured in NIKKEI DESIGN publication

2013.8 Featured and sold on 3D printed online boutique FABNEO.COM of Berlin

2013.8 Featured on WIRED, popular English magazine

2013.7 New stockist : RIN in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

2013.7 Featured on FUTU Paper, Polish Design Publication

2013.7 Featured on roomie.jp, Japanese blog & MSN Japan

2013.6 3D  Bow Tie eatured on notcot.org, online design magazine

2013.6 3D Bow Tie featured on designboom.com, online design magazine

2013.5 Featured on KBC news channel in Fukuoka

2013.5 Market event participation, Iwataya Department store, Fukuoka organized by minne

2013.2 New stockist : NONIUS in Osaka, Japan

2013.2 New stockist : Uchu-do Space at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Shop, Japan

2013.2 New stockist : MEKIKKI in Kyoto, Japan

2013.2 Featured on free publication, AFRO FUKUOKA

2013.1 Featured on 'OHA! 4 News Live' of Nihon Television's news channel.


2012.5 Winning entry exhibited, RAPID 2012 3D Printing Conference + 3D FABULOUS FASHION SHOW, Atlanta, USA

2012.2 Featured on FUDGE web, online fashion magazine


2011.12 Online Store launched

2011 Atelier founded