black dragonfly

black dragonfly

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a dragonfly wing pendant with bronze chain

this stylish dragonfly pendant is an original design by monocircus and fabricated in Holland.
it is made via 3D printing in a strong and flexible plastic and placed in a bronze chain with bronze lobster clasp.

the intriguing patterns in the wings of a dragonfly is so delicate and simply fascinating.

this item has recently been upgraded and improved
such that the pattern on the wing is clarified and more elaborate than before.

the images you see here of this item, is the latest version.

we hope you will enjoy this very unique and chic piece of art!

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price $32.59
type of accessories necklaces
material plastic, bronze 
dimensions 15.6 x 3.5 x 0.15 cm
necklace ネクレース:50 cm
quantity per set single piece
customization No
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stunning Review by lulu
I like to keep my life as clutter-free and minimal as possible,
and would normally never ever buy 2 of the same thing.
However, I was torn between the black one and the white one, so ended up getting both - and they are both equally stunning.

I did find the texture of the back of the wings to be a bit rough (velcro-like) and kind of sticks / catches on knitted materials.
Not a problem on woven materials, however, and of course no problem on bare skin either.

Absolutely beautiful objects. (Posted on 3/15/2013)
This pendant has been my favourite item on monocircus for the longest time. Review by felicia
The first time I laid eyes on it on the website, I was instantly attracted to its intricacy and level of detailing. When I finally received the item, I was very pleasantly surprised that it looked and felt better than from the online photographs.

The dragonfly pendant is made from a plastic resin which was hardened to form a product that looks fragile but is actually flexible and surprisingly strong. Just like real dragonfly wings, the pendant is true to scale, and the organic lacework structure is also based on a pair of actual wings. I understand that it was originally intended to be scaled down in size; fortunately it was not, as I think this is a purer interpretation and also serves to better express the structural beauty of the wings. The designers' pairing of bronze chain and black plastic makes an interesting juxtaposition, making the pendant vintage and edgy at the same time.

The pendant is also lightweight and well-made, and sits well on the chest, just below the collarbone. It would be good if I had a choice of chain lengths to suit different necklines though. The lightness of the pendant can also be a bane as it can shift easily without a self-centering design. However, this is not a big problem as the accessory makes a statement without making my neck ache; this means that I will be more willing to wear it often. (Posted on 7/12/2012)