bow tie alumo

bow tie alumo

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MONOCIRCUS' bow tie in silvery gray!

Based on our original black 3D printed BOW TIE that does not need tying,

we now have this bow tie in cool silvery gray!

The material is a special mixture of aluminium dust in nylon plastic.

So it is lightweight and slightly flexible like plastic but has a silvery specks to it.


just slot our Bow Tie in on the top button of your shirt 

and it is so lightweight that you won't feel that you are wearing a bow tie!

there is no use for ribbon to tie around your neck, so it is really comfortable!


wear it formal with a tuxedo and it looks as stylish as any gentleman!

wear it casual even if it is with a polo Tshirt, and it looks just as fun and smashing!

great as a gift for the guys, uncles, dads, professors, bosses!

and it looks just as wonderful for the ladies!

this original and inventive item is going to change the way you put on your Tie!

Here is a video of how you put it on!


Our BOW TIE has been featured on DESIGNBOOM.COM! is an online publication that features the latest architecture and design news worldwide!


sales mode ready-to-ship items
price $107.03
type of accessories bow ties
material nylon plastic and aluminum powder
dimensions 10 x 4.7 x 1.5 cm
quantity per set single piece
customization No
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