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simple and chic yet outstanding earrings

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Cairn refers to a pile or mound of stones stacked up as a memorial or marking along a path especially seen when we go trekking in the mountains.

A stone placed alone on its own will not appear to be anything at all but when three stones are stacked on top of one another, the mound stands out dramatically amidst the natural surrounding of the woods.

It becomes like a primitive little sculpture created to convey something in nature.

Whenever we spot this cairn of stones while trekking in the mountains, it somehow makes us feel a sense of relief.

Inspired by the Cairn of stones found in our trekking trails, Cairn Earrings have been created in a set of 3 parts that can be separated. Each part is hand dyed in slightly different tone in gradation from one another. The large piece is lightest in color and the color gets deeper with the smaller pieces.

Cairn comes in 3 selection of colors, Grey, Pink Beige and Green.

We hope you enjoy the item.

More Information
sales modenew works for pre-order
type of accessoriesearrings
materialnylon plastic
dimensionsW 3.5 x L 9.0 x T 0.8 cm
quantity per set2 per set

Color customization is available for this item. see sample page here