Circosis 60

Circosis 60

Product code:Circosis_60

One of its kind ring from the series in Project Circosis

there are altogether 36 unique pieces within the series of Project Circosis
and this is one of the pieces.

Just as even the same species of animals and plants in Nature are individually different and unique in shape and characteristics,
for this series of Project Circosis, we have conjured a variety of uniquely different ring designs
based on the same structural concept.
We hope you will be able to identify that original piece that is your favorite.

The ring size for this series are customizable.
Upon receiving your order, the ring will be specially produced in your size,
so it takes about a month for us to be able to deliver the ring to your doorstep.

The first 3 pictures of this item are computer generated images of the ring design.
To see the actual quality of the fabricated ring,
please look at the photographs after the first 3 images which is of another ring design in the same series. 

To view all 36 ring designs in the series, please click here.

NOTE: Upon placing your order, kindly tell us your preferred ring size in the comment column in the CHECK OUT page.
Alternatively, you may choose to simply send us an email to info[at]
If your preferred ring size is not provided or specified with your order, the ring will be made in standard 17mm inner diameter. 

sales mode made-to-order items
price $78.17
type of accessories rings
material 925 Sterling Silver
dimensions Circosis: H1 x W1.3 x D1.3 cm
Please provide your preferred ring size,
otherwise the ring will be created in 17 mm inner diameter.(about US size 6.5)
quantity per set single piece
customization N/A
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