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intricate bracelet design with fine intertwining lines

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The idea for the Cirrus Bangle design came about from the Shimenawa

which refers to the sacred rope of rice straw in Shinto temples.

A rope is a tool in our everyday lives since a long time ago dating back to ancient Egyptian times.

In Japan as well as China, the rope is seen as a sacred symbol that protects mankind.

The idea of binding and tying multiple thin ropes together to form a thick rope with such strength,

simple as it may seem, somehow possesses such prominance in concept.

The Shimenawa is composed of 2 layers of spiralling ropes intertwined

and this brings to mind the double helix composition of our DNA!

We cannot help but contemplate on the relationships between what mankind has created and invented, and what mankind is made of.

The design of this Cirrus Bangle is like the binding of 'air',

a double helix structure that forms the singular rope.

The translucence of this intriguing structure brings to mind the cirrus clouds in the sky, hence the name, Cirrus.

We hope you will enjoy this very outstanding yet 'light' design whether for formal or casual occasions.

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sales modenew works for pre-order
type of accessoriesbracelets
materialnylon plastic
dimensionsW 6.0 x T 2.0 cm Bracelet inner diameter: 5.5 cm Gap: 2.5 cm
quantity per setsingle piece

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