Product code:coffret

handmade wooden drawer set for storing accessories.

Coffret is a little drawer set for storing accessories and other small knick knacks.

It has 3 decks of drawers, made in uncoated basswood veneers,

that have been laser-cut to shape and then assembled by hand.

Each drawer deck is lined with gray felt-textured paper.

The simple, rustic 'handmade-ness' of the item makes it a versatile item for any interior style.

Other than storing accessories, Coffret can be used for storing stationery and other small collectibles.

We have had many repeating customers who have since acquired quite a collection of Monocircus' items.

This is one of the factors that encouraged us to make this Coffret item.

We hope you would make use of Coffret to safe-keep your Monocircus Collection

and continue to enjoy our accessories creations.

This item is made-to-order. Upon the confirmation of your order, it takes about 7 days to be ready for shipping.

sales mode made-to-order items
price $91.27
material basswood veneer, mahogany knobs, felt paper
quantity per set single piece
dimensions W25.5 x H12.8 x D17.5 cm
external dimension of each drawer is W24.5 x H3.8 x D17 cm.
internal dimension of each drawer is W22.8 x H3.3 x D16.3 cm
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