Cube Pen Stand for the Meticulous

Cube Pen Stand for the Meticulous

Product code:cube-pen-stand

3D printed Pen Stand almost a sculpture

The Pen Stand for the Meticulous is a 3D printed cubic structure, made in nylon plastic, 

that is designed to hold 25 pens or pencils upright in a neat and orderly arrangement.

The cubic network of lines are more densely arranged on the inner core

of the cubic structure than the outer surface, 

creating a visual illusionary effect reminiscent of a 'cloud' or 'smoke'

emphasizing its translucency, lightness and intricacy.

With this illusionary translucency, the pens and pencils being held upright in this Pen Stand

appear to be floating upright on their own.

The Pen Stand for the Meticulous looks like a sculptural art object both

when used and on its own, 

and is undeniably a functional pen organizer that works perfect

at keeping your work desk neat and stylish.

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price $85.34
type of stationery pen holder
material nylon plastic
dimensions 9.7 x 9.7 x 10.7 cm
quantity per set single piece
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