Product code:cumulus

3D printed ambient lamp

CUMULUS is one of the first attempts by Kazunori Takeishi of MONOCIRCUS, at lighting design.

It is made in nylon plastic via 3D printing technology.

CUMULUS was exhibited in the Mitsukoshi x Geidai exhibition 

held in August 2014 at Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Inspired by traditional Japanese embient paper lamps, 

CUMULUS is created in an abstract bulbous form that resembles clouds in the sky. 

It composes of both organic yet geometrical elements that gives it a transient impssion. At MONOCIRCUS, through the creative process in the making of the various fashion accessories 

and small art objects, we realize and treasure the importance of depth in form 

which produces a variety of visual effects and intriguing impssions on people. For this work, the design structure is created in such a way that its form, 

surface and texture produces different visual impact when viewed from near and far. 

Like clouds, its line-work disperse light in multiple ways and directions such that 

its edges seem to diffuse and become translucent when viewed from a distance.

Cumulus works wonderfully with traditional Japanese tatami rooms as well as

contemporary styled interiors.

CUMULUS comes with a E17 LED bulb and cable that comes with a switch and Japanese two pin plug.

sales mode ready-to-ship items
price $3,955.10
material nylon plastic, cable, switch, plug, E17 LED bulb
quantity per set single piece
dimensions 38 x 40 x 33 cm
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