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Customer Service


Thank you very much for shopping with us at MONOCIRCUS!

At MONOCIRCUS, you are most welcome to shop with us on your mobile phones, PC or other devices. 
Purchases can be made easily and smoothly on our website and your orders are processed promptly and packed with care.

When making your orders, we highly recommend you to register an email address that is able to receive and read HTML emails,
so that our order confirmation emails and other correspondences will reach you safe and sound.


When viewing our catalog in the various foreign currencies, the prices are variable depending on
the currency exchange rate at the time you view the catalog.
For all purchases, the overall amount payable will be the TOTAL AMOUNT shown in JAPANESE YEN.

Upon receiving your order, as well as confirming your payment, your order will be prepared for shipping almost within the day.
Each order is usually processed and shipped within 3 business days.

In any circumstance where we are unable to process your order in time or otherwise,
we will contact you as soon as we can, via email.
Kindly note that some of our products are limited in stock.
So in any case where we are unable to deliver your order or if we require more time to get the item ready for you,
we will contact you as soon as we can.

Please follow the guidance through our MONOCIRCUS website to proceed with making your order.
If you make a mistake, encounter a problem during check out, need to delete any orders or
have any other special enquiries about our products,
do feel free to email us at info[at]monocircus.com
During your orders, if you have any queries, comments or any requests such as gift wrapping,
please leave us a note during checkout.
We gift wrap orders for Free. And we are always here to help you with questions or requests.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Payments can be made via the following methods:
(1) Bank Transfers,
to the account information provided to you upon your order (This option is only valid for orders within Japan),
Payments via bank transfers should be made within 7 days after your order has been made. Payments not made after 7 days will automatically be canceled.
(2) Credit Cards ( Stripe ),
For Credit Card payments, your credit card information will automatically be encrypted and sent through to Stripe for processing.
(3) Paypal,
For payment through Paypal, complete your payment either via your Paypal account or your Credit Card.
(4) Alipay.
For Alipay users, kindly proceed as instructed with the QR code for payment.
(5) For smartphone users, you may also choose to make your payment via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

All prices in MONOCIRCUS are configured in JAPANESE YEN and all transactions will be processed in JAPANESE YEN.
When viewing our online catalog in your chosen international currency, the prices you see are calculated
with the current exchange rate based on the fixed pricing configured in Japanese Yen.

All prices are fixed and do not include shipping fees.
The shipping fees for your orders will be automatically calculated based on your preferred destination
and added to your invoice upon checkout.
MONOCIRCUS is now offering FREE SHIPPING for orders above JPY10,000 to international destinations.

Monocircus organizes Sale campaigns about twice each year.
Register an account with us, receive Sale coupon codes, as well as accumulate your reward points from your purchases!

Monocircus Reward Points

All customers with an account in monocircus.com, can enjoy the benefits of Monocircus Reward Points with every purchase of our products.
Out of each order you make, 1% of the overall total purchase amount will be saved in your account as points.
Each 1 point is valid as JPY1 which can be used to pay for your next purchase.

To utilize this Reward Points program, please log in before you make your purchase.
When you wish to use your accumulated points to make a purchase, please insert the amount of points you wish to use at the Check-out page where you are asked to select the mode of payment.

There are no expiry dates to the points you accumulate in your account.
To find out how many points you have accumulated in your account, please log in and click on the Reward Points tab in your account page.

Shipping & Delivery

All items will be shipped to your stated shipping address once the payment for your order is confirmed.
Shipping fees have been adjusted and discounted such that Monocircus absorbs part of the charges
and are calculated based on current shipping rates of YAMATO TAKKYUBIN for deliveries within Japan,
and EMS (International Speedpost) or Japan International Registered Postal Service and International TA-Q-BIN
for deliveries to all international destinations.

Delivery within Japan takes 1 to 2 days.

For delivery to international destinations, EMS Speedpost service usually takes about 3 to 7 business days.
Japan International Registered Postal Service requires between 10 to 15 business days
and International TA-Q-BIN takes about 3 to 10 days.

Kindly note that for shipping to international destinations
such as Europe, The United States of America or The United Kingdom, delivery may require more time than predicted,
depending on the import customs and delivery services of your country.

For EMS and registered airmail, when packages arrive in the destination country, they will be delivered
by the local postal service of the destination countries.
We have had previous experience where packages were being delivered to the respective addresses
but because the addressees were not available to receive, the packages got returned to us.
To prevent such problems, we would recommend you to make use of the International TA-Q-BIN option for your orders
to ensure the package gets to you without unneccessary delays. This delivery option makes use of the Yamato Transport Service
between Japan and the various international destinations and UPS services for dispatching your packages
to the various specific addresses within the destination country.

For more information about the various services, please visit the websites below.

EMS Speed Post
International Registered Airmail
International TA-Q-BIN

Kindly note that MONOCIRCUS is not responsible for delays related to the local delivery services in your country. 
We always pay careful attention to our orders, process and ship our orders as promptly and effectively as we can. 
MONOCIRCUS is now offering FREE SHIPPING for orders above JPY10,000 for destinations everywhere around the world.
Items ordered with FREE SHIPPING will be shipped via International Registered Post for international destinations,
which requires about 10 to 15 days of shipping time.

Maintenance of 3D printed plastic items

The majority of Monocircus' 3D printed accessories are made in nylon plastic.
Nylon plastic material is slightly flexible and relatively strong.
Most of the colored products are produced in white nylon plastic material
and are hand-dyed in the various colors afterwards.

To maintain and clean our plastic items, dilute a little bit of dish-washing detergent in water
and with a soft toothbrush, gently brush and clean the affected area.
Rinse the detergent off under running water and dab the item gently with kitchen paper or tissue paper
to remove excess water and then leave the item to dry in the shade.
Please do not leave the item in the sun and also keep away from high heat.

After use, please store the item in a cool, dry area, preferably in a box to keep it away from dust.
For metallic parts, it is advisable to wipe the parts with cloth to maintain their sheen.
Should you have any allergy reaction to the metallic parts, please refrain from use.
Especially for delicate design pieces, bending or pressing the items may cause them to become brittle and break.
Should you encounter any problems, please do email us.
We truly hope you will enjoy Monocircus' uniquely different 3D printed creations!

Returns & Replacements

We have a 3-business-day return policy.
Send us an email to info[at]monocircus.com within 3 business days from the day you received your order.
We will correspond with you upon receiving your email and advise how your purchase should be returned or replaced
and how refunding, if required based on substantial reasons, is to proceed.

Privacy & Security

MONOCIRCUS respects the privacy of its online visitors and users of its products.
MONOCIRCUS recognizes the importance of providing its customers with a trustworthy online shopping environment
and strives to protect private information provided by its customers.

Confidentiality of Private Information
MONOCIRCUS takes the responsibility to carefully manage all private information provided by its customers
and shall not disclose such information to any third party without the permission of its customer under any circumstance.

Private Information
During the request and collection of private information of its customers,
MONOCIRCUS shall clearly specify to its customers its purpose of collection
and parameters of usage of the information.

Web Security
In order to provide its customers with a trusted and enjoyable shopping experience,
this site engages the SSL (Secure Socket Layer), providing encrypted data management that ensures safe connection.

Special Orders, Consignments and Wholesale Orders

If you have an idea for an item or are looking for something that you cannot seem to find, email us about it!
Cos we might be able to create and customize just for you.

We welcome ideas for collaborative work as well!

If you wish to carry Monocircus' items in your store via consigment or wish to make wholesale orders,
please feel free to contact us at info[at]monocircus.com

Disclosure under Law

In the case of requirements by law regarding information disclosure,
MONOCIRCUS may disclose private information to public administration,
judicial institution and other legislative agencies upon request by these agencies.
In addition, in the case whereby payments are not received,
MONOCIRCUS may disclose private information for the purpose of debt collection through agencies or other means.

Amendment of Private Information
MONOCIRCUS may readily amend private information of its customers upon such request by its customers.

Amendment of Private Policy
MONOCIRCUS shall notify through its website regarding any amendments made to its privacy policy.
Visitors shall be able to ascertain through the website regarding
how private information is being collected and managed.

If you have any queries regarding the private policy of MONOCIRCUS, kindly contact us:


Kazunori Takeishi

address:5-7-3 Misono
Moriya city, Ibaraki
302-0124 Japan

tel: +81 50-3571-0123
email: info[at]monocircus.com