oil painting

oil painting

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made-to-order oil painting

shing has been making paintings for the last 15 years

and have been showcasing her work in numerous group exhibitions

and solo shows in various countries.

she has also recently been producing paintings

commissioned by friends and acquaintainces.

usually creating a commissioned work means working on the painting

with specifications provided by the client.

the client says what he wants, the style and the content

and the artist make the work accordingly.

but what shing has been doing with her recent commissioned works, 

is to create the painting in her own style and contents,

based on hints taken from answersto a set of simple questions asked to the client.

each question is very simple requiring only a split second for the client to answer.

a little like a psychological test.

and the resultant artwork has been unexpectedly very well received.

we find such a process of making very intriguing and fun, 

so we thought it might be interesting to try putting in this selection

for sale at MONOCIRCUS.


to view shing's artist profile, please click here.


this made-to-order oil painting item have a selection of 4 different sizes.

(for other sizes and enquiries, email us at info[at]

and to have your painting made, you will be required to fill in a questionaire below,

which will help shing understand you and your requirements better

so she could create your ideal painting just for you!


the production of your painting will require about 3 to 5 months time

before we are able to deliver the painting to you.

oil painting requires ample time to dry

before we are able to pack and send it out to you,

so we hope for your understanding should the delivery of your painting be delayed,

in which case, we will notify you via email. 


the pricing shown here in this item's catalog page includes

all materials and even shipping charges!


if you are interested, during the production of your painting,

we can email you periodically to update you about the making process.

See a newspost about Made-To-Order Paintings here!


before you place your order for a painting,

please complete and submit the QUESTIONAIRE.


View our newspost about Made-To-Order Paintings in this link below.

Made-to-Order Paintings, now open for orders(May 21, 2014 MONOCIRCUS News Post)

price $1,161.93
material oil on canvas
dimensions Please see the picture below
For information regarding methods of payment and shipping, kindly refer to our User's Guide.