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simple, stylish earrings with spiral structure

As low as $40.70

There are countless types of intriguing shapes and forms that we see in the world of Nature and out of which there is this spiral form.

The structure is such that it rotates as it moves and progresses forward.

Not only does this structure project a sense of motion, it is also reminiscent of something alive.

Eliche has a rounded spiral structure that gradually narrows at its end, making it look like a sort of plant or sea weed or a shelled creature.

Eliche might also bring to mind the Italian pasta that we so commonly see in supermarkets and eat at restaurants.

The spiral shape makes it tasty with a distinctive texture.

Eliche earrings have been designed with a very simple motivation to create a spiraling structure.

The item appears relatively small when viewed from the front and extends to an outstanding curved structure when viewed from the sides.

Simple yet intriguing shape that is easy to style for any occasion.

The item can be customized in your preferred color. If you wish to have this item in colors other than the featured colors,

please place your order for the white or black version and leave us a comment during checkout to let us know your preferred color.

More Information
sales modeready-to-ship items
type of accessoriesearrings
materialnylon plastic
dimensionsH 3.2 x W 1.8 x D 4.5 cm
quantity per set2 per set

Color customization is available for this item. see sample page here