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uniquely designed earcuffs

As low as $40.70

The design of Flap is an abstract from the imagery of flights of birds and the fluttering wings of butterflies. The 3 dimensional structure is designed to fit the ear comfortably when worn as a ear-cuff. The ‘fluttering’ movement is depicted in an intriguing organic form that is unlike any existing form of earrings. Flap is a new form of ‘clothing’ your ears.

The item can be worn in various ways as shown in the photographs.

Along the higher part of your helix or lower near the ear lobes.

The item comes in a pair and in 3 color options. For colors other than these, please leave a comment during checkout to let us know your preferred color.

More Information
sales modeready-to-ship items
type of accessoriesearrings
materialnylon plastic
dimensionsW 2.3 x H 4.7 x T 2.3 cm
quantity per set2 per set

Color customization is available for this item. see sample page here