Product code:gregarious

intricate lace-like statement necklace

This work was created for the Rapid Jewelry Competition,

a competition for 3D printed jewelry design organized by the Design Museum Boston.

Monocircus' Gregarious necklace was nominated as one of the Semi Finalists and

was featured in a fashion show held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel on May 23, 2015.


The design is composed of a mulitiplicity of rhombus-shaped units in varied sizes

in gradation forming a rhythmic arrangement.

The name, Gregarious, is derived from the idea of the 'clustering' of units.

The concept is to create the imagery

such as a field of flowers or a flock or herd of animals,

where each is individually different

yet they belong to the same species, cluster or group.

Because the sizes of the units along the width of the necklace

are slightly different at different points,

it reveals a different texture and appearance

when worn with different parts of the necklace on the front.

And because each unit is individually linked together

such that each is able to shift about,

the necklace sits in response to the body surface when worn, like a piece of fabric.

When worn, Gregarious appears more like a part of the outfit more than just a chain

like a intriguing patterned neckline or collar.


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sales mode made-to-order items
price $206.58
type of accessories necklaces
material nylon plastic
dimensions Width of widest portion is about 6 cm.
Thickness : 0.5 cm
inner circumference (length of necklace): 45 cm
quantity per set single piece

Color customization is available for this item. see sample page here

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