hot pink joop

hot pink joop

Product code:hotpinkjoop

hot pink 3D printed earrings!


 3D printed in strong and flexible hot pink plastic in a facility in Holland

this item is one of the rare few earring designs we have attempted to create.

and it is in one of the rare colors we have! HOT PINK!

shaped like a cashew nut, the item is funky and fun!

it is also very light weight and easy to put on.

Comes with the options as ear studs or ear clips.

now you can also choose to have them made in hypoallergenic plastic ear posts!

we hope you will enjoy JOOP!

sales mode ready-to-ship items
price $39.89
type of accessories earrings
material plastic, titanium ear posts or rhodium plated ear clips
dimensions W2.3 x H4.3 x D3.3
quantity per set 2 per set

Color customization is available for this item. see sample page here

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