letter card case

letter card case

Product code:letter-case-rw

business card case that looks like an envelope

A business name card holds a few but very important information about you and what you do.

Upon a first encounter with a prospective business partner or client,

this little card about you is presented to the 'stranger' .

It is like a short introductory 'letter' about yourself.

We named this 3D printed business card case, 'LETTER'.

The dot and line pattern on this simple envelope design is inspired

by the dots and lines printed in notebooks and diaries.

Emphasis is placed upon the function of this 'LETTER' card case with an easy-to-open sliding format.

The inner red casing has a protrusion on its back that prevents it

from sliding out entirely from the external white casing.

The cards inside the case do not fall out easily even when the opened case is turned upside down.

A square opening on the back of the red casing enables your finger

to push the cards slightly out from the surface

so taking cards out of the case is easy and effortless.

The overall design is kept as simple as is possible

so that it is not bulky and fits gracefully in pockets, bags or hands of either a lady or a gentleman.

sales mode ready-to-ship items
price $84.04
type of accessories card cases
material nylon plastic
dimensions 10.5 x 6.5 x 1 cm
quantity per set single piece
customization No
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