little foot

little foot

Product code:littlefoot

sterling silver ear posts

we began the process of creating these sweet little guys with a rough sketch that shing drew up suddenly one day.

the sketches led to a 3 dimensional data translation and then off the data went to our assigned jewelry maker.

from afar, these ear posts look like chic and classy little droplets.
and when you take a closer look, you almost get a little tickle and giggle to see those little droplets with tiny little legs.
they look like they are just about to take a step! notice that their legs are diagonally apart!

we hope you will love them as much if not more than we do!

shing has been wearing one pair of these little foots eversince they arrived!
simply super wonderful little things! 


they are like little art sculptures on your ears!

sales mode ready-to-ship items
price $42.54
type of accessories earrings
material rhodium plated STERLING SILVER ear posts
dimensions Height : 1.2 cm
Width : 0.5 cm
quantity per set 2 per set
customization No
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