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brooch pin inspired by flowing waters

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The imagery of flow of water in Nature has, since a long time ago,

been used as motifs to illustrate a sense of tranquility and elegance.

This brooch design is inspired by the patterns seen

in water surfaces in moving streams,

accentuating its familiar sense of movement in calmness,

and mesmerizing rhythmic music.

This item has been hand dyed in black,

giving it a lovely impression reminiscent of traditional calligraphic paintings.

Minamo can be worn with a variety of fashion styles,

formal or casual with its simple, crisp and chic impression.

The item can be customized in your preferred color.

During Checkout, leave a message to let us know

if you wish to have this item in other colors.

More Information
sales modeready-to-ship items
type of accessoriesbrooches
materialnylon plastic
dimensionsL 7.5 x W 6.0 x T 1.0 cm
quantity per setsingle piece

Color customization is available for this item. see sample page here