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  1. Shine with Colors!

    Each and every piece of Monocircus’ fashion accessories has unique and outstanding shape and structure and each can be color-customized to match your distinctive style, so you can enjoy styling our items in your very own extraordinary way!

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  2. Monocircus Original 3D printed Ear Cuffs

    Subtly outstanding describes these unique statement ear cuffs, for their visual impact without being excessive.

    Monocircus has a collection of some 3D printed Ear Cuffs that are each distinctively designed to be worn on any occasion and season without worrying about metallic allergies. They are easy to put on without the need for pierced ears and extremely lightweight.

    Since its early beginnings about 9 years ago, the fundamentals with Monocircus in its creative process of 3D printed fashion accessories has always been focused on design concepts. It has never really been about how stylish or fashionable the accessories would look, but more primarily the idea of structure, texture, composition, its relationship to the body. The conception of each product begins with encompassing what could

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  3. SUMMER SALE 2020 begins!

    Just as every year, this year starting from TODAY, our SUMMER SALE begins!

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  4. LAKUNAL 3D Support Frame now available for orders

    Lacunal is a 3-dimensional support frame created to ease breathing when wearing a neck tube or a buff for running, trekking or other forms of workout.

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  5. Color Customizing via Hand-dyeing process

    Monocircus’ 3D printed fashion accessories are made by 3D printing processes in nylon plastic material. The printed designs come in white and we dye them by hand to achieve a variety of colors.

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  6. Notice regarding International Shipping Options

    we have added an alternative international shipping option, the International TA-Q-BIN by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., to cater to international orders.

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