Monthly Archives: December 2011

  1. 3D Printing Test : Fishing Guy

    we made a mock-up for a quirky brooch with MONOCIRCUS' own 3D printing machine.
    a little guy sitting on a little hill by a pool.
    for the first time, we tried creating the object with two colors
    and we intend to create more colors and more details before we actually launch it as an item in our store.

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  2. 3D Printing Test : Donkey


    we tested making another ring with our 3D printer. this time a DONKEY!

    made in brown plastic. doesn't it look more like a horse or a dog?
    whatever it may look like, it looks funny and we like it.
    what do you think?
    do feel free to drop in your comments! 

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  3. rings in the making


    We are currently in the midst of testing and developing a series of rings with our 3D printing machine.
    This series will be the first rings to be produced by our machine.
    Sizes of each ring will be customized as per specified by each order.
    The photos here shows the sample components to one of our new designs, which will be launched in January 2012. 

    Look out for their arrival!

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  4. recent project : Photo Frame

    we recently custom-made this photo frame based on the above original drawings sent to us by siblings, 
    Shyo, a 5 year-old-boy and Hina, a 9 year-old-girl.


    we are very glad that Shyo and Hina and their family were very happy to receive a unique and personalized photo frame as their Christmas present.

    this series of photo frames are great as gifts not only for kids but also for parents or grandparents to safekeep their beloved children and grandchildren's photos as well as drawings!

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  5. TRAVEL TAG instructions

    To our dear customers who have purchased MONOCIRCUS' TRAVEL TAGS, we apologise for not being able to publish this user guide earlier.
    The ‘fingers’ of the plush TAG are quite fat so the brown ring looks a little tight for them.

    Here’s how to use the TAG.

    Sling the TAG through the handle or strap of your luggage or bag.

    Squish the fat ‘fingers’ together

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  6. 3D Printing Test : Elephant

    This is a test print of an elephant made by MONOCIRCUS' own 3D printing machine. 6 cm wide and 4 cm high in size. 3D printing techniques are being used worldwide to create a variety of products and prototypes. The machine MONOCIRCUS is using is a DIY kind of 3D printer of which all the components of the machine has to be assembled on our own. The printing process is similar to an inkjet printer, where melted plastic is build up layer and layer along the contours of the object. Each layer has a minimum thickness of 0.2mm so the resultant object can be quite finely made. The finger-print-like texture you see on the surface of this elephant sample is a result of the shifting of the machine head. Even though the machine is

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  7. recommended: STUCK PULLOVER

    MONOCIRCUS' own series of STUCK pullovers for kids!
    These fleece pullovers are imported from the United States and the patches of fabrics have been sewn on by our team.
    These patches of fabrics are made in the same material as those typically used for stuffed plush toys. 
    The little 'components' have velcro attached to their backs, which can be stuck onto these patches and are detachable so you can play around and vary their positions.
    You can also choose to wear them without the 'components'.
    For these hoodless pullovers, the MONOCIRCUS logo has been silkscreen printed on the shoulder area at the back of the pullovers.

    The pullovers come in a single Size 3, for 2-3 year olds.
    In this picture below, this little guy here is almost turning 4, and the size is just

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  8. the making of our 3D printed photo frame

    This is an original item created by MONOCIRCUS.
    Send us a drawing done by your child, and we will create a photo frame that is customized just for your family!

    With the advancement of digital photographic technology, we are able to take and record tons of photographs and videos with just a snap but somehow it is often hard to safekeep the spontaneous sketch or paper craft works done by our children.

    Taking a closer look at the spontaneous doodles by children, we more often than not discover the way they view and think about the world they see, and uncover their characteristic as an individual. We see it as ART. We hope to make it possible for you to keep a proper physical rec

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  9. recommended: TRAVEL TAG


    MONOCIRCUS' Travel Tags = plush information tag that can be looped onto your luggages, backpacks, messenger bags, tote bags.

    they  make your luggages easily distinguishable from afar!
    looking like little hands waving at you for attention, saying 'heyhey! Pick me up!'
    the three fingered portion slips into the loop on the other end to lock.
    made in soft,plush material and stuffed with poly fill.

    Comes in 4 variations: striped tip, orange tip, beige tip and blue tip!

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  10. Sorry about the sudden shutdown

    There has been a problem with our system at a few minutes ago.
    We deeply apologise for the inconvenience caused. the problem has been resolved
    and we hope you will drop by our site again. 

    SORRY, everyone!

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