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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  1. new items : baby beanies

    NEW handknitted baby beanies in organic cotton yarn for 6-12 month babies.
    Rui, the model here is 16 months though and the beanie still works.

    the item comes with a detachable cotton emblem each handmade in cotton in whimsical colors and fun designs.
    each emblem has a velcro on its back and can be stuck onto the bean shaped patch on the beanie
    you can have your baby wear it as it is with just the bean patch or wear it with the emblem
    and there you have the most stylish baby around!

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  2. recommended: FLEECE NECKLACE

    Explore the various ways you can wear our original "Fleece Necklaces" and have fun!

    This one here is Orange Mousetail. 
    Knot it a few times before putting the little Y end through the loop and you'll get a few interesting variations.
    There are other colors to this item. Check out Black Mousetail and Navy Mousetail

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  3. new items have been uploaded

    Doinky Doodles is by a fellow Singaporean artist who runs a whimsical little shop at Bali Lane in Singapore.
    we now have Doinky Doodles' passport holders and cable holders,
    specially created just for our store based on the theme of CIRCUS.
    they are FUN!


    Also check out our new 3D printed brooch, MARIGREEN and pendant, MARIRI.
    the design came about from a simple naive drawing of a house's rooftop.
    we like the scalloped pattern very much and we hope you do too!

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  4. 3D Printing Test : Mariri


    This is a test sample pendant we created with our 3D printer.
    It is not complete and we are in the midst of adjusting the form.
    The idea came about from a simple child-like drawing of a roof top of a house.
    With rounds of alterations and testing, we came upon this design.
    The heart shape at the end came about somehow accidentally.

    what do you think?

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  5. 10% discount coupons to be given away!

    We are now offering 10% discount coupons to all New Customers who registers an account with us and makes a purchase.
    To all first timers to MONOCIRCUS, we encourage you to register an account with us.

    The discount coupon we are offering is valid till August 31, 2012 and can be used only once during your next purchase.

    To our customers who have already registered an account with us, you are entitled to a coupon that can be used anytime from now!
    Just log in to your account and view the order page of your most recent purchase. The coupon code is written in the comment column.

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  6. artworks

    monocircus' atelier page now features more works of art that were made in the past.
    there are installations, drawings and paintings that we hope you will enjoy browsing.
    we will be uploading more information every now and then
    so we hope you will drop by, visit us at MONOCIRCUS and check out our latest updates.


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