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Monthly Archives: March 2012

  1. 3D Printing Test : Ninjin


    this is a test item we made with our 3D printing machine.
    yes you are right! it is a CARROT!

    came upon the idea when I was cutting carrots to make soup!
    thought it would be a fun and quirky item to have as a brooch.
    from an idea that popped out of a very ordinary and mundane activity to an out-of-this-world sort of whimsical object.
    creating is FUN. 

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  2. Our NEW Look

    We have just made some modifications to our top page.
    We wanted to make the top page look more sleek...
    also thought this might be a fun way to show our various categories and what we do at MONOCIRCUS.

    Tell us what you think by leaving your comments!
    Thank you.

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  3. recommended: NECKTIE PINS


    we have a few NEW necktie pins uploaded.
    they are part of the series re-created with component parts of old watches.
    the intriguing little gears and movement parts and winding dials create a distinctively unique feature in every piece. 

    you could choose to pin them on your ties to jazz up your office suits.
    or put them on your casual jackets, vests or even shirts.

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