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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  1. recommended for Mother's Day: DIA


    It is time you take a look at our original sterling silver pendant that we developed 
    and had a professional jewelry maker fabricate specially for monocircus.

    'DIA' makes a pretty present for Mother's Day. 

    DIA now comes in two variations of sterling silver chains that you can choose from.
    a 46 cm long snake chain that goes just nicely around the nape, resting near the collar bone
    and a 62 cm long link chain that hangs near the cleavage. 

    the item comes wrapped up and placed in a handmade fur pouch in a box.

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  2. recommended: TOTE BAGS for Mother's Day

    MONOCIRCUS' new reversible DOTTOTE bag recommended for your Mother's Day gift

    an all-time-favorite polka dots in pale blue on one side and black on the other.
    simple and chic made in high quality Japanese linen with stuffed straps
    and a little yellow striped triangle detail and monocircus' label on the side.

    very handy and charming, great for little shopping trips
    or when you need to carry the extra little items with you to your luncheon parties or events.

    Mothers of all ages will love this!

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  3. new items : whip brooch

    We have just uploaded a new Brooch called Whip!

    the form is composed of little circles joined together to form a hollow bun shape.
    the intricate design is modelled on a 3D software and then sent over to Holland to be fabricated by 3D printing process
    in strong white plastic.

    do check it out by clicking on the picture above!

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  4. 3D Printing Test : Lotus

    this is a test item we made recently with Glow-in-the-Dark plastic.

    as the name implies, the idea for the design came about from a lotus root.
    and yes, this item glows in the dark!
    we intend to make this into a brooch and get it up in our store soon.
    do keep a look out for it! 

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  5. new items : baby body suits

    monocircus' NEW silkscreen printed '4-BOYS' and '4-GIRLS' baby body suits

    we have just uploaded new BABY suits for 18 month-olds.
    for the boys, we have a design of '4-boys' and for the girls is a design of '4-girls'.
    both drawings started out as a picture hand-drawn in pen and the drawing is transferred onto silk and then printed onto 100% cotton 5 oz. long sleeve white body suits (a.k.a. creepers or onesies) that are soft and not too thick.
    they are gentle on the skin and comfy even for warm weather.

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