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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  1. Arrival of New Stock : Circus Ring

    Circus Ring

    We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new batch of CIRCUS rings!
    They just arrived this afternoon and they are looking even lovelier than ever!

    We are very happy that this item has so far been very well received.

    We hope to make this Monocircus' very own unique signature item.

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  2. new items : KAEKEN bags


    New KAEKEN bags have just been uploaded!
    Don't miss them!

    KAEKEN bags, created by a Singaporean artist-friend, are simple in design, carefully sewn up with stylish composition of specially selected fabrics.
    They make great companions for any kind of occasion and outfits not just for the ladies but for the guys as well. 
    Click on the image above and it will take you to our KAEKEN collection.

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  3. 3D FABulous Fashion Show at RAPID

    We are very pleased to announce that our recent 3D design for a fashion accessory
    submitted for an international competition organized by RAPID, an organization for additive manufacturing solutions,
    has been selected as one of the TOP 20 entries!

    Our entry, entitled ERIMAK, will be presented in a Fashion Show sponsored by Materialise,
    a Leading additive manufacturing company based in Leuven, Belgium.
    The event will be held on May 22 in Atlanta, Georgia.

    The selected entries have been printed by the latest 3D printing techniques by Materialise and
    will be presented

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  4. Experimental Toadie Top

    This is an experimental item that we have been doing a while back. Finally gotten down to documenting it.
    the little striped toadie has velcro'ed feet to hold on to the fabric patches on the tee, so you could remove it and shift it around.

    Thought it will be fun to have a little 'pet' on your shoulder with you when you are out. 
    and maybe next time we could do up a little parrot or chameleon!

    Imagine wearing this out on a smart casual event with a nice pleated black skirt.
    The other ladies have a corsage while I have a toad! Fun!

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  5. Rate and Review our Items

    At the bottom of each product catalog and newspost, we now have a rate, review and comment column
    and we are hoping you could leave your thoughts and rate our items, and tell us what you think about our newsposts.

    Your comments will not only enable other customers to get to know the items better,
    but will also be very valuable for us to stay connected,
    allow us to gain a better perspective and encourage us to work for it and improve our future creations.

    We truly hope you will drop by and leave us your little notes about our items.
    And if you do not wish for your comments to show up publicly in our storefront, then email us your thoughts at [email protected]
    We will be really glad to hear from you. 

    Please note that after you have written and submitted your comments and reviews, they will not show up immediately in the storefront. It will take a day or two before they will appear. Irrelevant comments will be sieved

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  6. 3D modeling View for DIA

    You can now view our DIA necklace in 3D!

    Click on the image below or go to our DIA necklace catalog page and see its details. It will lead you to a page just like the one shown here.
    All you need to do is to drag on the image or scroll and you will be able to view it up close in all angles and scale!
    and when you click the image once, it will begin its automated rotation view.
    To view this page, kindly activate Javascript.

    Play around with it and experience the 3D model. 

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