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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  1. new items : TONBO EARRINGS

    New Earrings are up!

    Developed from our original dragonfly wings series of work,

    we have created this earring item that we hope you will fall for!

    3D printed in white plastic, 
    the delicate pattern on the wing design look like lace.
    a little accent is added with an embroidered red cross on each wing.

    this item has just been uploaded.
    Click on the image above and it will take you to our online catalog.

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  2. new items : KAKEN BAGS


    Kaeken's new series of bags are not to be missed!

    Shoulder bags in classic striped canvas and leather straps,
    and lovely floral and fauna printed bags and pouches too.

    We love the simple and no-frill design of Kaeken
    and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

    They are carefully sewn by the Singaporean artist,
    a hardworking and highly skilled sculptor and creator,
    who started Kaeken a few years back and has been working on bags, accessories and art
    eversince we got to know her. 

    Click on the images above and it will take you to our online catalog of kaeken items.

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  3. new items : STUFFED PLANTS!


    New items by Doinky Doodles that are just too adorable!

    Potted plants that are stuffed, colorful, funny and permanent!
    They are made from fabrics cut out from vintage clothing. 

    We are sure they are going to liven up your living space like no other plants!

    Each comes with a terracotta pot.

    Don't miss them! 

    Click on the pictures above and it will take you to our online

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  4. new items : MONO NOTE


    monocircus' NOTE BOOK is a new item we created for the creative person in you!
    whether as a sketch book, scrap book, journal, diary or just a note book,
    we hope it will be your great companion and come in very useful for you
    to easily jot down your thoughts, ideas and memos even while you are on the move. 

    it may get crumply, wrinkly or dirty along the way but it is going to be a book of treasured memories in years to come. 

    this item comes in a set of three notebooks with blank pages so you can create a whole series of journals and put them nicely on your book shelf.

    we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 
    I have one in my bag all the time and it is slowly getting filled with stuff I see, think and needed to remember.

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