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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  1. recommended: DIA



    this sterling silver pendant and chain set is something we came up with and designed.

    its 3 dimensional modelling data was sent to a professional jewelry maker to fabricate.

    the slightly compressed hollowed structure of a diamond resulted in a unique and chic pendant

    and one that can be worn in various ways.

    below shows just two of the ways you could wear this item.

    upright or upside down.

    you could also try putting the chain through the pendant on the sides such that it is slanted or

    through its middle such that it looks like it is hanging midway.


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  2. Restocked & Out of Stock!

    One of KAEKEN's new bag series, the GREGGS, which we released this September
    got sold almost immediately after we announced it.

    So for a while, the item was out of stock.

    Today we received NEW stock for not only GREGGS but also other NEW ITEMS of Kaeken!

    For now, we are going to only upload GREGGS which is now up for sale.
    Click on the image above to see GREGGS!

    As with the rest of the new bags, we will be announcing their release in October

    so watch out for them!



    The last piece of our Mauve colored baby crochet hat series got sold today
    and is now out of stock.

    We would like to express our apologies that for the moment, we are unable to restock the item.

    But w

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  3. 100 Likes on Facebook !

    We are very very glad to humbly announce that
    our Monocircus' Facebook Likes just reached 100!

    Even though as compared to a lot of other websites,
    100 likes is not that big a number,
    BUT to us it is a wonderful news!

    We started Monocircus in December last year,
    not really knowing if we are going to be able to make it work and last.
    All we really wanted was to be able to continue to create,
    sustain that motivation and zest
    and share our ideas and work.

    So it really feels like a big accomplishment to be getting more and more viewership
    and be LIKED! 

    We sincerely THANK YOU all for your support 
    and we do hope you will continue to visit

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  4. new items : DARCY&LIZZIE


    newly out of the oven!

    Darcy&Lizzie stuffed fabric earrings

    Portraits inspired by the popular and classic English literature, Pride and Prejudice
    and are handsewn directly on the ivory beige fabric then painted over with a clear coat.

    The imperfect handmadeness of the slightly lopsided faces make them extraordinary and somewhat funny and CUTE!

    When worn on the ears, they seem to fit nicely and surprisingly without being too exaggerated or deliberate.
    This pair of earrings are definitely going to create lots of curiosity to onlookers! 

    Everywhere you go, you have two other sweet companions sticking around your face!


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