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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  1. New Project CIRCOSIS Vol.2

    This is the Second Volume of Newspost about Monocircus' latest project for generative jewelry design, CIRCOSIS. 
    In this volume, we created a youtube video to share with you our design process for this project.
    As shown on the right side of the video,  through the process of changing the variables in the design flow chart
    which has been created by a graphical algorithm editor,
    the spherical form of the ring design gradually transforms to become a Circus ring.

    Just as plants and animals in nature, and man as well, are uniquely different from one another,
    the concept for this project is to achieve a one of its kind item that belongs to a family or species called the CIRCOSIS.
    Right now, we have created 36 different varieties of CIRCOSIS ring.
    You will be able to see all these 36 varieties in the image

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  2. Facebook Connect

    Now you can log in to Monocircus with your Facebook account!

    Simply click 'Connect with Facebook' on the top right corner of the Home page.

    With easier access to your Monocircus' Account, we hope you will have a great time shopping with us!

    Monocircus constantly tries to upgrade and fine-tune our website
    to make our website user-friendly, interesting and fun.
    So your views and opinions are always welcome.

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  3. New Project CIRCOSIS

    This is Monocircus' latest and work-in-progress 3D printing project for our latest accessory series entitled CIRCOSIS.
    The title, CIRCOSIS, is derived from merging the two words, Circus and Genesis.

    This project, based on the idea of Evolution, attempts to explore the creation of a ring
    through generating a diversity of forms and characteristics.

    The above images show a sample of the various designs we have created at this current stage of exploration.
    These models are currently being fine-tuned to be eventually produced.

    The image below the series of rings shows the Graphical Argorithm Editor called Grasshopper,
    where the geometry, such as the height, angles, width, direction, etc. can be adjusted as parameters,
    developing multiple yet unique forms.

    We will be explaining

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  4. 3D PRINTSHOW London 2012

    The 2012 3D PRINTSHOW in LONDONis about to commence!

    Monocircus was initially invited to take part in this international event
    but due to circumstances, it is regretful that we are unable to be a part of it this year.

    However, we have been really happy and honored that
    the management for this big 3D PrintShow actually contacted and invited us!
    It is a great encouragement and motivation for us!


    We do hope that we could get involved and show off our stuff in the upcoming events in the near future! 

    Do have a visit to the website by clicking on the image above or if you are keen, go and see the show!

    It is happening this Friday, 19 October and ongoing till 21 October
    in the very heart of London at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SD 

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  5. Commissioned Paintings

    Recently we received a commissioned project that involves creating 6 large panels of oil paintings.

    So it has been a rather busy few weeks, buzzing with activity in the studio.

    It has been a tough but really enjoyable time!

    The 6 panels, each over a meter tall, are meant to be in pairs, meaning 3 sets of 2 panels.
    Each painting is done in such a way that the motif adjacent in the painting next to it matches and merges.
    In this way, all 6 panels are like puzzle pieces that can be mixed and matched and displayed together. 

    The theme for this batch of paintings is based on imaginary forms in the microcosmic world.
    Like little spores or air particles, or little nucleas, cells

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  6. October's Newsletter


    MONOCIRCUS' October Newsletter has just been released this morning.

    This month, we bring you a few new items created with our 3D printing machine,
    as well as a new addition to our Mojamoja scarf series.

    Plus, new bags that is great for the Autumn season from Kaeken that you must have a look at! 

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