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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  1. The making of Metaball

    In this post, we hope to share with you the making process of our Metaball pendant.

    All the original creations of Monocircus are produced in a process that begins with idea sketches drawn on paper by Kazu and Shing, which are then 3 dimensionally modelled on computer.
    The actual fabrication processes are done in mainly two ways. Designs that are not too complicated or elaborate are fabricated with our own 3D printing machine, while the more complex and intricate designs we come up with are fabricated by highly advanced 3D printing techniques at a 3D printing specialized company.

    In this newspost, we hope to share with you more about the little 3D printing machine we own.

    The first step is translating our drawn idea into a 3 dimensional model on computer.
    Sometimes sketched ideas are translated directly into 3 dimensional model data,
    but a lot of times, we realize it is through verbal language used to describe the idea that concretize the idea into a formalized

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  2. Recommended: METAMETABALL



    Recommending our original Metametaball stainless steel pendant and chain.

    This item is a development from our metaball series which has become one of Monocircus' signature designs.

    Metametaball is fabricated by a professional jewelry maker who has been our trusted partner for their high quality and intricacy.

    This item though made in stainless steel, is beautifully polished so each piece look just as great if not prettier than silver.
    And being stainless steel, there is no worries about the color changing.
    The pendant is created such that it is hollow on the inside, so it is light in weight.
    The bead chain is only 2mm in thickness so it looks very intricate and elegant.

    If you think you would like the chain to be a specific length of your preference,
    feel free to send us an email or leave a comment when you place your order.
    We will be able to custom make the chain to your desired length.

    A versatile item that goes with a variety of occasions, casual or formal. 


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  3. WHIP is now in stock!

    WHIP has been out of stock for a while 
    But now we have gotten more of them in stock!

    WHIP is an original Monocircus design created on a 3 dimensional modelling software
    and the data is sent to a 3D printing facility in Holland to be printed in strong white plastic.

    We love this item cos it is simple yet intricate and totally unique.
    Something that is easy to match with different styles of outfit.
    WHIP makes a wonderful gift! 

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  4. New Project CIRCOSIS Vol 3

    Please allow us to introduce to you our latest original creations developed
    from our generative jewelry design project CIRCOSIS.
    As mentioned in our previous newsposts features about the project,
    we have produced a whole series of uniquely different ring designs from a single design process.

    The whole series has 36 unique designs types, which like flowers of the same species,
    each has a different characteristic yet look similar in some ways or another,

    Which of these could be the ideal ring design for you?
    Click on the picture above to see more of the various designs.

    The rings of Project CIRCOSIS are made to order. 
    It takes about

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  5. new items: BLOBB ring

    Our new creation has just arrived!

    Monocircus' latest design, BLOBB, has been fabricated by a professional jewelry maker
    in 925 Sterling Silver and plated with Rhodium for long lasting shine and color.

    The design is of a little bulbous balloon-like form that seems to be floating up
    but held down by the silver band.

    A delicate design and beautifully made ring which we are very happy with.

    We hope you will enjoy it too.

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