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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  1. new items for February

    we have just sent out our February newsletter, featuring our latest items.

    this month, we have just a few little new arrivals and a few pretty good news about monocircus.

    click on the image above to see our newsletter!

    and if you have not yet gotten registered with our monthly newsletter, we hope you will now... at the link below!


    enjoy shopping!

    and do drop us a line any time at [email protected] with your enquiries or comments.

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  2. Featured on Nippon TV!

    MONOCIRCUS is going to be featured on TV!

    we received an enquiry recently from Nippon Television
    regarding a program they are planning to do about 3D printing
    and that they are interested to feature our work!


    They had planned to come and film us at our studio
    but because we are in Fukuoka, it was not possible to have the crew come over from Tokyo due to the tight schedule.

    so we sent in some of our 3D printed work samples to let them shoot the work,
    and we also sent in images of our studio and our portraits.

    Not sure how the feature will turn out but we hope it will be good enough to help promote more publicity for Monocircus!

    The program will be shown on January 29th (Tuesday) at 4 AM in the morning
    on Nippon TV's 'OHA! 4 NEWS LIVE'.

    It is a little too early for most people to be able to watch it,
    but if you happen to be up and about and able to receive the channel,
    we hope you will take

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  3. With Love


    We have just celebrated the brand new year with lots of cheers

    and how so quickly time flies...

    now the time to show and share feelings of love is just around the corner.


    We hope you will have a most wonderful Valentine's day of 2013

    with lots of joy and love!

    and we hope Monocircus' creation is one of that special item which triggers a part of that joy and love!


    Click on the image above and see what Monocircus has

    that might touch the heart of your love.


    For destinations outside Japan,

    registered mail takes about 1 week to arrive in your country.

    Depending on the postal service in your country, the time it takes to reach you might differ,

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  4. Top 10 Items of the Year


    Behind the scene at Monocircus' atelier, we have been busy summing up our accounts for the past year.

    Out of all the items we have in store, we managed to rank the TOP 10 Most Popular Items of Year 2012!

    When we were trying to start up Monocircus back in December 2011, 
    we had a rather tough time trying to accumulate enough items to start up the store.
    Thinking up ideas, creating the items, corresponding with other artists, buying up stock and materials and etc...

    Now after a year, we are very pleased that we managed to have such a variety and volume of wonderful items in our store.
    We have only two of us actually working on this store
    and amidst parenting the two cheeky boys we have here,
    we find it amazing ourselves to be able to come this far.

    This we have to thank all our friends, family and customers
    for their patronage, encouragement

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