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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  1. Pendants restocked!

    Our 3D printed ORIGINAL pendants have just been Restocked!

    METANET comes in black and white variations
    composed of a wire structure of our original METABALL series of dripping beads.

    Unique and stylish and totally CHIC!

    FURYL, one of the rare series of GOLD PLATED pendants we made.
    This pendant is 3D printed in gold plated stainless steel.
    Inspired by folded fabrics and frilled collars of historical victorian costumes.
    The pendant comes with a very nice black and gold plated chain. 


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  2. Important Notice: Display of Prices in other Currencies

    All Prices in MONOCIRCUS are fixed in Japanese Yen

    and when an item is purchased, the amount charged is calculated based on its price in Japanese Yen.


    When viewed in Other International Currencies,

    the Prices displayed have been calculated based on the prevailing Exchange Rate of the day.


    We encountered a systems problem with the Exchange Rate Calculating Function

    and the Prices shown in Other International Currencies have NOT been up to date

    and they appeared as inaccurate Amounts that appear much higher than

    the Actual Amount in JPY that would have been

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  3. BOW TIE is featured on DESIGNBOOM!

    Our latest BOW TIE creation has just been featured on DESIGNBOOM


    We are so ecstatic about this

    as we have been keen followers of DESIGNBOOM,

    the well known online publication featuring latest architecture and design news.

    We just made a submission of our item, not knowing how it will go

    and beyond our expectations, our item is now being featured on the front page!!! hurray!

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  4. Changing our Newsletter Delivery Time

    We would like to apologise to all our followers and friends, and those who have registered with our Newsletter.

    We have just been brought to notice that what we have been doing,

    sending our Newsletters in the middle of the night (Tokyo time),

    could be a great nuisance to our followers

    who registered their mobile phone email addresses with their Newsletter subscription.

    We are really sorry that we noticed the problem only now. 

    We sincerely apologise for having been a nuisance.


    Kindly be informed that from now onwards,

    we will send out our MONOCIRCUS Newsletter around NOON, Tokyo Time on the first day of each month.

    Please also note that occasionally we will send out special issues in the middle of the month, 

    but that is just occasionally and not all the time.


    we hope you will continue to follow our activities and visit our store.

    our newsletter for

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