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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  1. Summer's Recommended Items

    This year's Summer has been one of the hottest.

    Despite the heat, we hope you will still enjoy dressing up

    for your dates, parties, shopping sprees, luncheons and gatherings!

    Here are some items that we recommend for the season!


    Here is our METAMETABALL stainless steel pendant & chain set.

    and I tried pairing it with our BLOBB Sterling Silver ring.

    Like blobs of water droplets, the two items goes great together

    and they make a wonderful company for your summer outfit!


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  2. Featured on MSN Japan!


    Since our original BOW TIE has been launched in June,

    it has been featured and published in numerous blogs and online magazines around the world.


    This week, we discovered that our BOW TIE, along with a few of our 3D printed accessories,

    were featured in roomie.jp , a very popular blog in Japan.

    Then soon afterwhich, we realized our work has been featured on the 'LIFE' page of the Japanese MSN Topics,

    the well known Microsoft web! hurray!


    Each of our work is created based on our very own ideas, taste and senses.

    Our daily creative

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  3. July's NEW earrings!


    We have just released our July newsletter featuring some of our new BLACK items.

    Here are our latest 3D printed earring creations.

    Intricate and lightweight, they are pretty and easy to put on!

    comes with a selection of screw adjustable clip-ons as well as ear hooks or ear posts.

    The basic colors allows various ways of mixing and matching with your outfits,

    for casual occasions or for formal parties and luncheons.


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