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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  1. Featured in Zexy Premier magazine

    MONOCIRCUS's Kikoo Hair piece is being featured in the latest Vol. 4 of ZEXY PREMIER

    a popular Japanese magazine for brides & grooms-to-be

    with concise and up-to-date information, news and everything you need to know to prepare for your wedding.

    The magazine feature resulted from an unexpected email from the editor.

    We were asked to send over a sample item of Kikoo where it got photographed for this feature.

    We are very honored and thankful for this opportunity.

    Hopefully in the very near future,

    we will be able to

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  2. Made-to-Order Paintings, now open for orders

    Running MONOCIRCUS jointly with me is my partner, Lim Shing Ee, a.k.a. Shing,

    who is a painter/artist backed by numerous exhibitions in various countries.

    Shing has been consistently creating paintings, drawings, sculptural objects as well as

    installations and public art over the last 15 years.

    Over the years, Shing has also been painting art works as requested by friends and aquaintances.

    Now as one of the many works of MONOCIRCUS, we are specially offering Everyone out there,

    this opportunity to purchase a Made-To-Order Painting by Shing.


    What are your thoughts about purchasing an artwork?

    A typical case could be to 'search' the art market for a work that best suits your taste as well

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  3. Recommended: Kikoo & Kotori hair combs

    Last summer, MONOCIRCUS participated in a 3D Fashion Accessory Challenge organized by Materialise,

    an additive manufacturing software and solutions company based in Belgium.

    For the competition, we sent out a few designs and out of which are the two hair combs designs shown here.

    Both works were nominated and were exhibited as part of a fashion show

    held at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo last summer.


    Recently, we added these two items to our MONOCIRCUS catalog.

    Kotori is a two-prong hair comb with a fan-like shape composed of a tessellated  arrangement of birds.

    The intricate design looks lovely like lace. The design maintains a flavor of Japanese traditional

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  4. Free shipping everywhere around the world


    if you purchase any number of items totalling above JPY 10,000.


    JPY 10,000 is equivalent to about USD 97.00

    (as according to exchange rate on 8th May 2014)

    All purchases are calculated based on Japanese Yen,

    even when you view our catalog and place your order in other international currencies.


    At MONOCIRCUS, we are not only constantly creating new, exciting ideas and products,

    but we are also always exploring ways to improve our store and services 

    to create a condusive and pleasurable shopping experience for you.


    We hope you have a great time shopping with us,

    and also enjoy looking at, wearing and using our creations.

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