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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  1. hypoallergenic plastic ear posts


    More and more people are suffering from allergy of metals.

    In some cases, even earrings made of pure silver could trigger allergy symptoms.

    MONOCIRCUS now offers a new option of hypoallergenic plastic ear posts

    for all the various earring designs we have made.


    Shown in the picture above are transparent plastic or acrylic ear posts

    which are used for designs such as Shell, Vinee and Breezea.

    And the picture below shows transparent plastic ear hooks

    which are used for designs such as  

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  2. Mitsukoshi x Geidai, Summer Art Festival Exhibition


    Mitsukoshi x Geidai (Tokyo National University of Art and Music )

    Summer Art Festival 2014 Exhibition featuring young artists of the next generation

     will be held at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi in Tokyo, on its 6th Floor

     from August 13th till 18th, 2014.


    MONOCIRCUS' Kazunori Takeishi,

    who graduated from the Architecture Faculty of Tokyo National University of Art and Music,

    will be exhibiting one of his brand new works at this grand exhibition event.

    The said art work is an intriguing standing light fixture fabricated by 3D printing. 

    The work is being featured in the poster above at the far left bottom corner.

    About 200 artists, below forty years old, will be e

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