This is Monocircus' latest and work-in-progress 3D printing project for our latest accessory series entitled CIRCOSIS.
The title, CIRCOSIS, is derived from merging the two words, Circus and Genesis.

This project, based on the idea of Evolution, attempts to explore the creation of a ring
through generating a diversity of forms and characteristics.

The above images show a sample of the various designs we have created at this current stage of exploration.
These models are currently being fine-tuned to be eventually produced.

The image below the series of rings shows the Graphical Argorithm Editor called Grasshopper,
where the geometry, such as the height, angles, width, direction, etc. can be adjusted as parameters,
developing multiple yet unique forms.

We will be explaining further regarding this exploration in our next newspost.
As for this newspost, we would like to just introduce the general framework of the Project for now.