Monocircus’ 3D printed fashion accessories are made by 3D printing processes in nylon plastic material. The printed designs come in white and we dye them by hand to achieve a variety of colors.

The process of dyeing is very similar to the dyeing of fabric materials.
Powdered color dyes are dissolved in water and heated in a pot. And the item is soaked in the heated dye bath for a period of time. The longer the item is being soaked or dipped in the bath, the deeper the color becomes. Sometimes two or more colors are mixed to create various unique hues such as purple, turquoise or pink beige. Depending on the proportion of each color in the mixture, a different hue can be achieved for example a reddish violet compared to a deep indigo purple would mean adjusting the amount of reds and blues in the mixture. And for a soft lilac color, it would mean a quick dip in the bath whilst a deep purple will require the item to be soaked for a much longer span of time.
Slight changes to amount of color as well as the dipping time would achieve a different color. So the dyeing process usually involves a dye test especially for new colors. It is an interesting process, stirring the little pot of dye bath and seeing the changing colors, it feels very much like putting together a secret recipe to make a magic potion!
Once the desired color is achieved, the item is soaked in a non-chemical fixer and then washed a few times before being air-dried. And then comes the finishing touches of sticking on the metallic parts to complete the job!

It is also possible to achieve gradation colors to a design.
An example is the above left picture of Tsuru (crane) brooch. Only the tips of the wings are dipped in the dye bath to absorb the color, while the rest of the design remains white. Our 3D printed accessories are printed via laser sintering techniques that uses powdered plastic as its material. This material makes the item absorb the color dyes rather easily. So even parts that are not dipped in the dye bath absorbs a bit of the color, creating a color gradation effect as seen in the tips of the wings. Another example is the Lydia brooch on the right above. The deeper blue gradually becomes lighter nearer the edge of the design. This gradation effect enhances the texture of the design, resulting in a distinctive and unique piece.

To date, we have received many requests from our customers for specific colors. Colors, as we know, has limitless variety and for a ‘blue’, it could mean a whole spectrum of different blue tones. To make it easier and more specific, we have gotten some customers to provide the color code of the color they desire. Simply search ‘color picker’ in Google, and find the desired color and note the HEX color code. For example, a bright blue in #1436e0 or a stunning red in #e81a20. Because colors are hand dyed, there is likely to be a very slight difference to your chosen color when compared to the resultant dyed color, but we will try our best to achieve a color as close to your desired color as possible.

Color customization is free of any additional charges.
During your order at our online store, simply choose the design you want and add the white or black item to your cart. Then specify the color code you wish for the item in the Comment column during your check out. It usually takes about 2 to 3 days to dye and complete an item.
Should more time be required, we will notify you promptly via email.

Regarding maintenance of your item:
Colored items, similar to dyed fabrics, sometimes may encounter discoloration. Discoloration may or may not happen to your item depending on how the item is kept and handled. Refrain from letting your item be under direct sunlight for too long. Keep the item in a box or area where there is minimal dust and direct sunlight. Should your item be stained or become dirty, soak the item in warm water with a bit of dish washing detergent. Lightly brush the item with a soft tooth brush and rinse the item with water. Lightly press the excess moisture off the surface with a kitchen paper and let it dry in the shade. If the stain or discoloration is too obvious and if you wish to have it re-dyed, please feel free to contact us via email.

We hope you will enjoy our work.
Best wishes.