Subtly outstanding describes these unique statement ear cuffs, for their visual impact without being excessive.

Monocircus has a collection of some 3D printed Ear Cuffs that are each distinctively designed to be worn on any occasion and season without worrying about metallic allergies. They are easy to put on without the need for pierced ears and extremely lightweight.

Since its early beginnings about 9 years ago, the fundamentals with Monocircus in its creative process of 3D printed fashion accessories has always been focused on design concepts. It has never really been about how stylish or fashionable the accessories would look, but more primarily the idea of structure, texture, composition, its relationship to the body. The conception of each product begins with encompassing what could be called ‘artistic mechanics’ or ‘artistic language’. All the individual pieces in the Monocircus collection has its very own ‘mechanics’ uniquely different from other pieces. It could be a figurative interpretation of a flower or a bird, or an abstract form attempting to reinvent basic geometry. Each has its own ‘mechanics’ or ‘language’ that does not only reveal itself in the end-product but is also elementary in its making. Each design is not just simply modeled out in 3D software, but is carefully conceptualized, drawn and planned out with pencil on paper, and before the modeling process begins, further planning and evaluation is done with regards to constructing its form.

Monocircus’ 3D printed ear cuffs, like all of the other accessories in its collection, are like art objects. The body is like the ‘space’ for showing the objects. The Wearer enjoys looking good wearing these objects but the enjoyment goes beyond, extending to the people around looking on at the wearer.


The Sprig

Sprig comes in an elegant floral inspiration that looks like a little sprig of buds or leaves. It is worn on the helix and is available as a pair in colors customizable to your preference. Colors are hand-dyed. The design has a feminine influence that makes it perfect for weddings and parties.


The Lamella

Lamella evolved from a ruffled surface and is reminiscent of a flower or reefs in the sea. The light pink beige Lamella subtly sits on the edge of the ear looking as if it is a portion of the ear. But when it is dyed in a darker color like dark green or black, it creates a stylish look with a little spunk.


The Trapeze

Geometrically structured, Trapeze has a somewhat masculine and sporty impact. The ear cuffs look just as cool on guys! It can be easily put on and versatile with a variety of fashion styles.


The Flap

Flap is like an invisible butterfly fluttering. It clasps lightly around the helix when worn, creating an intriguing visual impact that is stylish with any look. With its distinctive 3 dimensional construction of organic curves, Flap creates different visual impressions when viewed from different angles of perspective. When worn high near the top of the ear, the item looks sporty and cool, and when worn lower near the lobes, the look softens to a natural elegance.