1. Our items can now be custom-dyed to your preferred colors.

    Most of Monocircus’ accessories items are 3D printed in Nylon Plastic. This material can be hand-dyed in a variety of colors.

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  2. Updates on Online Payment Methods in Monocircus

    Before this recent update, online credit card payments had been carried out via Paypal payment service. With this recent amendment, our online payment now uses Stripe.

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  3. monocircus website in preparation for brand new look!

    Monocircus website is in the midst of being revamped! And we are going to have a grand opening of its new storefront this 15th October! To get our site ready for this big opening, monocircus.com will be closed for 3 days from 12th October to 14th October.

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  4. Changes to our marketing policy

    In the hope of enhance 'Monocircus' as a unique brand for its original products,

    our marketing policy has been revamped and in the process, the sale of some of its products has been discontinued.

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  5. 3d printing accessories gift guide for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is just a bit away and here we would like to share with you a few tips to help you make that decision and find your ideal gift at MONOCIRCUS!

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  6. Free shipping everywhere around the world


    if you purchase any number of items totalling above JPY 10,000.


    JPY 10,000 is equivalent to about USD 97.00

    (as according to exchange rate on 8th May 2014)

    All purchases are calculated based on Japanese Yen,

    even when you view our catalog and place your order in other international currencies.



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  7. Notice regarding Revised Consumption Tax

    Thank you very much for visiting MONOCIRCUS and your continuous support of our activities and creations.

    We would like to make an announcement regarding the revision of the retail price of our items in MONOCIRCUS.


    From April 1st, 2014 onward, the consumption tax in Japan, originally at the rate of 5% will be formally raised to 8%.

    In reflection of this tax raise, the overall retail price of all our items in MONOCIRCUS will be raised by 3% as of April 7th. 2014.

    The shipping rates for your purchases in MONOCIRCUS has always been set at a discounted rate

    from the actual shipping fees. This will, however, remain unchanged despite the change in actual shipping fees. 


    We hope for your kind understanding and hope you enjoy MONOCIRCUS.

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  8. useful little tips

    At MONOCIRCUS, we are constantly finding ways to make our website as user-friendly as we can.

    Even when you are out and about, when you find some time to spare, do have a look at our mobile site

    on your smartphones. There is no need to install any applications to view MONOCIRCUS on your mobile phone.

    Our product catalog and newsposts are easily accessible directly from your existing browser.

    Do bookmark MONOCIRCUS to ensure easy access the next time you visit us!


    Mobile Site Top Page


    And for our customers using Chrome on your desktops,

    we have our MONOCIRCUS application that you might consider adding to your browser!

    Access to Chrome Web Store 

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    MONOCIRCUS now has a brand new page!

    WEARING MONOCIRCUS is a photo review gallery of snapshots contributed by guests, friends and customers

    from all over the world, wearing our items in their various fashion styles. 

    We are slowly building up this portfolio of snapshots and

    it is wonderful to see how MONOCIRCUS' items are being worn and enjoyed in so many different ways!

    'WEARING MONOCIRCUS' enables first-time visitors to get a clearer perspective of our items.

    It also creates a sense of a MONOCIRCUS' community,

    making our customers and guests feel more at ease and fun

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  10. new bank transfer account: Japan Post Bank

    A new Bank Transfer option of Japan Post Bank account is now possible

    for our shoppers who choose to check out via bank transfer.

    You are now able to choose between Sumitomo Mitsui Bank account and Japan Post Bank account

    when checking out your purchase via bank transfer.

    We hope you will have an enjoyable shopping experience at MONOCIRCUS.

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