Registering an account with MONOCIRCUS makes it easier on your shopping experience at our store. You will no longer be required to type in your shipping address information again from your next shopping trip so checking out your cart items requires just a few clicks!
Here's how to register:

1.  Click on 'My Account' at the top page.

2.  Click 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT' under the NEW CUSTOMERS column.

3.  Fill in your Name, Email Address and the Password of your choice twice in the space provided.

4.  Lastly, type in the two words you see with a SPACE inbetween each word.

5.  Click 'SUBMIT'.

6.  You will receive a notification email saying your account is confirmed.

7.  In the email sent to you, click on the link provided and this will complete your registration process. 
     and you will be able to log in to your account afterwhich.


Upon registering your account with MONOCIRCUS, you will be able to do the following:

To change your information such as your email and password
View and verify your recent orders
Register and change billing and shipping information 
Save your wishlist and product reviews

We hope you have many pleasant experiences with shopping at MONOCIRCUS.