Cheers to a very Happy New Year!

For New Year’s Day in Japan, many major brands and stores offer ‘Happy Bags’ or ‘Luck-Dip Bags’ called ‘Fukubukuro’ where a selected collection of popular items are packed in one bag and put up for sale at a discounted price. The items in each bag are not revealed to the customer so it is like a little ‘lucky draw’ merchandise for shoppers.

Monocircus is doing its very first Lucky-Dip Bags campaign for 2021!

The campaign is limited to our official website and begins from 1st January till 31st January, 2021. 4 different options of ‘Bags’ containing variety sets of earrings, rings, necklaces or brooches and are offered at discounted prices like never before! The 4 ‘Lucky-Dip Bags’ are namely, Ume (means plum in Japanese), Take (bamboo), Matsu (pine) and Sachi (fortune). For Lucky Bags ‘Take’ and ‘Matsu’ , there are 2 options for each type of bags. The type of design and color of the items in each bag will be for us to choose for you as a surprise! And we will make sure you will be happy with the choices!

The various options are shown below and for each option, the sale price offers more than 20% discount! However, kindly note that for overseas shipping, shipping fees will be charged separately unless your order sums up to more than US$100, which entitles you to free shipping!

Lucky-Dip Bags Options:

Lucky Bag ‘Ume’ (JPY 7,000) → ●2 pairs set of earrings

Lucky Bag ‘Take’ (JPY 8,000) →  ●2 piece set of brooch and earrings
●2 piece set of ring and earrings

Lucky Bag ‘Matsu’ (JPY 10,000) → ●2 piece set of necklace and earrings
●2 piece set of necklace and ring

Lucky Bag ‘Sachi’ (JPY 11,000) → ●3 piece set of surprise items

The JPY 11,000 Lucky Bag ‘Sachi’, for instance, will contain items that are worth a total of about JPY 14,000! So don’t miss this special offer and the opportunity for you to get a gift for your love ones or for yourself!

We understand you might be hesitant about not being able to choose your preferred colors for the items. So here we are offering you the chance to tell us the color of your outfits that you want to wear the items with such that we can give you your Lucky bag of items in compatible colors. Yes we will select the colors for you! Leave us a comment (a hint!) when you make your order of your Lucky Bag, for example, 'most of my outfits are black!' or 'I always wear pastel colors', or something like, 'bold bright colors are my fave!'.

The campaign ends on 31st January 2021.

Your orders will be ready to ship within 1 to 3 days and please note that items shipping to overseas will take a few weeks depending on the destinations and the situation with Covid-19.

To make your orders, please visit the link below and kindly choose the option of your preferred Lucky Bag and the type of earrings (pierce or clip-ons).

Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with love, joy and laughter!