Monocircus’ most recent creation, Lacunal has just been published in online magazine,

Lacunal is a 3-dimensional support frame created to ease breathing when wearing a neck tube or a buff for running, trekking or other forms of workout.

Lacunal is named after ‘lacuna’ which refers to an empty space or gap. The arch structure sits on the nose and chin, creating a ‘lacuna’ or space between the fabric of the buff and the nose and mouth, allowing greater comfort with breathing and hence improves athletic performance.

Wearing a neck tube or buff during a run, a trek or work out very often causes difficulty in breathing especially when the neck tube gets wet with sweat. With the Lacunal, the area around the nose and mouth has a layer of empty space, clear of any fabric, which makes it a lot more comfortable and easier to breathe especially during prolong training or exercise.

The item is now available for Customized Orders. Orders will be created based your individual facial size.
To make your orders, please proceed to Lacunal product page and click Order Form. This Order Form will require you to submit your information and a side profile photograph of yourself. After confirmation of your information, an online payment link will be emailed to you to complete payment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.