Next month's event to note is DESIGN FESTA VOL.46.
This international art and design event takes place twice every year where artists and creators from Japan as well as abroad come together to present their works. It is a very exciting and fun-filled event with not only creative works on display but also performances. And visitors are able to chat and interact directly with creators. We love participating in events such as this where we are able to interact with our customers face to face.
We will be showcasing lots of our creations with colors that you won't see in our website. It is going to be a great event and we look forward to seeing you there! 

Dates:1November 11th (Sat) & 12th (Sun) 

Booth Number: D - 459 (shown in red circle in the map below)

Venue:Ariake 3-11-1 Edoku, Tokyo 135-0063  (See this link for information regarding access)