Monocircus started out as an artist salon where creations by selected local and foreign artists were featured and sold, along with our own line of products in its online store.

In the hope to further establish 'Monocircus' as an original brand and bring better focus to its signature products, we have decided to discontinue the sale of items by these other artists. will now become an official store for this original brand, with its main feature on the 3D printed fashion accessories we have been creating.

At Monocircus, we aspire to rediscover and redefine the components or things of everyday lifestyle through art and design in a humanistic point of view, without being constrained by genre or category. Even though 3D printed fashion accessories has become our main product line, over the years, we have been actively involved in a multitude of creative activities such art and interior design projects without confining ourselves to any particular boundary.

And in order to feature our portfolio of the variety of works we have since been doing, we created Monocircus' Atelier. Other than functioning as a gallery space where you can view our portfolio of art works and design projects, it now also serves as a space where you can now make orders and purchase our handmade fabric knick knacks as well as made-to-order drawings or paintings and other items apart from our catalog of 3D printed accessories series.

Do drop by and check it out. And we hope you will continue to enjoy Monocircus!