Thank you very much for visiting MONOCIRCUS.

We have recently made some changes to our mobile smartphone website.

Before this recent update, product images can be viewed by scrolling from side to side.

And because the size of the images were fixed, it was a little difficult to see the detailed view of the various products.

Now after the recent revamp, you can now view each product image with ease and up close by swiping the images.

Just tap on the image you wish to view and the image will come in view on full screen.

To view the next images, just swipe to your left or right.

Or touch the screen with two fingers to pinch-in and out to zoom in or out of the images.

The button on the top right corner enables you to share the image on Facebook or Twitter, and also to close the image.

We hope you will find it much easier to view our product catalog and enjoy shopping with us at MONOCIRCUS.

Many thanks and best regards!