Enjoy Monocircus designs in brand new colors!

Pink Beige and Grey are the new colors now available! Enjoy these subtle hues that are simply lovely for any season and versatile with any fashion style!

Monocircus' creations are produced by 3D printing technology in nylon plastic and are then hand-dyed in a variety of colors of your choice. The hand-dyeing process involves carefully soaking each item in a heated pot of dye bath.

From the 'Additional Information' tab on each of Monocircus' product page, there is a Color Customization link where you can see the selection of Colors. When you are making your order online, let us know your preferred colors by leaving a comment during check-out, and we will get your items ready in the colors of your choice. It usually just takes about 1 to 2 days for the dyeing process. If the colors you prefer is not available in the color sample link, please send us an email and tell us your color preference.