Due to a major update to the core system of our website, a complete overhaul was necessary for our online store, monocircus.com. Since our establishment in 2011, we did have a renewal that happened in October 2015. Our second renewal happening right now is not just an update to the visual appearance of the website but it is an overhaul of the entire operating system. This major update will enable the website to run with new programs, with better stability and security. Because the update is mainly affecting the backend system of the site, the external appearance of the website may not look very different from the current website, but we are trying our best to make the website visually clearer and easy to maneuver. Please note that for a period of 8 days between 1st to 8th September, the monocircus.com site will not be available as it will go under maintenance for us to complete the final touches. The BRAND NEW WEBSITE will be up and running from midnight (Tokyo Time) on 9th September!

As the new website gets running, we will be sending out a newspost to inform about the changes effected by this system update.

As you might already know, we send out our monthly newsletters like this one on the 1st of each month. But for the upcoming September issue, the newsletter will be sent out on 9th September in conjunction with the new site launch. Also look out for the new items we are also launching with the September issue!

Right before the website goes under maintenance, our SUMMER SALE 2019 will continue to run till the end of this month of August! So do make use of the opportunity to enjoy 15% off all items!


1st to 8th SEPTEMBER 2019


9th SEPTEMBER 2019
midnight Tokyo Time