Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

It is time to find that unique item to give that special Someone and make this day a special one!

For this newspost, we have intended to pick out and share with you a few items from our collection

that could make this day special.

However, as we look at our MONOCIRCUS catalog of items,

because there is such a vast selection of items in a variety of styles,

we came to the conclusion that we are in no position to decide what suits your taste.

So we thought it would be most appropriate to have you make that decision and

choose what is best for you or your partner.

With that, we would like to share a few tips to help you make that decision and find your ideal gift.



1. Searching an item by selecting Conditions

In the MONOCIRCUS catalog, there is a list of conditions on the left panel

that enables you to search by the various types of items.

We recently changed the font to this listing so as to make it easier to read and select.

For example, if you are searching for a necklace, click on 'necklace' on this left panel

and you will see a whole list of necklaces.

And if you wish to view just a certain color of necklaces,

further select your preferred color on this left panel.

Or if you have a certain budget, choose your preferred price range.

You can simply unclick the selection and it will return to the full list of items.


2. Searching an item by selecting Conditions on your MOBILE phone

On the mobile site for Smartphones, this sorting panel does not show up on the page like on the computer.

But a similar search can be done at the footer (bottom of the page) by clicking ' Advanced Search'

and you can proceed the same method as stated above to find your item.



3. Using the 'Wishlist' button

'MONOCIRCUS' online catalog has a ♥ shaped mark on each item page.

This is the 'Add to Wishlist' link. When you click on this link, the item will be added

to a Wishlist that is created in your account.

When you see an item that you like, add the item to this Wishlist

and it will help you to get back to the particular item easily.

And when you are finding it hard to decide on which item to have,

you might like to share the list with your friends or partner and have them help you make your decision.

The Wishlist can be sent in the form of an html email to your assigned email address.

To make use of this Wishlist, you will need to register an account with MONOCIRCUS

if you have not yet done so. It is free so do take the chance to create an account with us.

We hope you will have an enjoyable time shopping with us!

We are almost always up and about on this end so whenever you need any help or advice,

do not hesitate to drop us an email and we will get back to you as promptly as we can.