Here is a highlight on MONOCIRCUS' 3D printed Cuff Bangles and Bracelet series.

Originality and Uniqueness are some of the the key words we treasure the most

when we are designing our fashion items.

Our objective is to create something new, something that will touch hearts.

This series of Cuff Bangles and Bracelets shown here comes in a variety of characteristics.

Each creates a unique atmosphere.

Bangles and Bracelets, as fashion accessories, add distinctive accents to the overall 'look' to an outfit.

and draws attention particularly to the hands of the wearer.

When speaking to someone, it is natural to speak with communicative gestures and actions,

with hand and body movements, and the bangle or bracelet naturally becomes a focal point

that creates an impression.


Here are some of our work that adds a stylish, communicative and aesthetic element to your wrist.

CATAMARAN bracelet

a simple yet outstanding bracelet made up of interlocking chain links.
it is contemporary yet projects a peculiar antiquity that makes the item extraordinary.


FERN gold plated bangle

Intricate and beautiful like lace, Fern is made in gold plated brass

with an intriguing ethnic sensibility and antiquity yet contemporary in design.


KINOK white and KINOK alumo

an interplay of geometrical shapes,

KINOK has a sense of contemporary funkiness about it with an added touch of 'retro'



KNIT white and KNIT black bangles

intricate knits and purls of yarn knitted sweaters are reinvented

into these stylish lace-like plastic statement-making cuff bangles.




If you are interested to have us created any of these designs in a different color or have us create a new original design,

please fee free to contact us.