Our ATELIER page has just been revamped!

Our ATELIER page has just been revamped!



MONOCIRCUS' ATELIER page has just been revamped!

All the various project documentations were assembled into one singular page in our previous Atelier webpage.

Now after the re-construction, each project has a separate page on its own,

such that you get a clear view of each work with its own range of photo documentation and explanatory text. 

For pages featuring Drawings and Paintings,

there is an image on each page onwhich you can scroll your mouse to zoom in on the work to see it up close in details.


Before we started MONOCIRCUS, we have each been involved in working on architecture and art related works

and through this ATELIER page, we hope you might get to know a little bit more about our background,

concept and philosophy, the workings behind the creation of our MONOCIRCUS items.

Our motto is never to limit our creative energies.

As a result, we have a range of works that span across a variety of genres.

Despite the differences in the type of works, materials or methods of production, 

the core that makes up our thinking process remains quite the same.

The importance is to be ourselves, be honest, be able to enjoy the creation of each project, and work real hard for it!


MONOCIRCUS' Online Store has a range of 'wearable' art works in the form of fashion accessories on sale,

while the new ATELIER page features a varied series of paintings, installations, architectural design projects,

display designs and etc. with a relatively large scale as well as spatial works.

It would certainly make us very very happy to know you've enjoyed the visit

and perhaps even gotten a little spark for new ideas and inspirations, and possibilities!


Thank you!