Each year when Mid November arrives, Christmas tunes and bells starts ringing around town.

From different corners of the world people would begin doing their Christmas shopping

for gifts to be given to their special friends and loved ones.

'What to get for Christmas?' would be one of those inevitable questions at such a time!


Here, we hope you will let us make a suggestion of a few of our many original items

that might be perfect as a Christmas gift for that special someone!


MANTA iphone 6 case

MANTA is not exactly a phone case, but an accessory or fashion item that is designed to make

your iphone6 easier on your hands to hold and grip and to navigate with one hand. 

The streamlined form is not just beautiful to look at but the slightly raised design that provides a

proper grip for your fingers, makes it functional too! A wonderful gift item!

KNIT earrings

Interlocked lines that could only be created by 3D printing, make this item one of our most

popular earrings. This KNIT earrings series has also been featured in one of our little promotion

video clips.

This earring series is created in a relatively large volume but

because they are so intricate like lace, they look just in the right proportion. 

Subtly outstanding, light-weight and pretty!


A very simple design that is composed of simple linework.

From the front view, the general shape is an longated blob that has a proportion that looks just

nice with the ear lobes.

The overall volume looks enlarged when viewed from the side, creating an impressive presence.

An intriguing and attractive item that is versatile with a variety of fashion styles.



A single strip of ribbon that softly twirls around the chain.

An elegant item that works wonders with feminine soft dresses,

as well as masculine structured outfits.



Like a wedding band that is worn all the time on your finger, we wanted to create a simple

wrist band that could be worn all the time.

BRAID is a polished brass bangle that can be worn on a guy as well as a lady.

The braided design when worn over time, gradually takes on an antique look

that makes the item even more stylish.


We created this little chrysanthemum flower brooch to adorn a men's jacket.

It is made in just the right size that makes it look great even on casual wear.

This item also comes in a leaf green color.

And if you are interested to get this item in other colors, we might be able to dye them for you.

So just drop us an email and tell us what you desire soon

cos custom orders may require a little more time!


A beautiful orchid flower brooch that can be used as an elegant cosage on a jacket or a dress.

It can also be used as a lovely hair comb by putting on the detachable brass comb that comes with

this item. It is a perfect hair comb to be worn with traditional costumes such as a cheongsam or a

 Japanese kimono!


MONOCIRCUS's 3D printed accessories are mostly made of nylon plastic

that makes them lightweight and easy to put on.

The design ideas for these intricate pieces, that look like little art objects,

come about from inspirations we get out of Nature.

Each has a unique design that is simple, stylish and has a certain neutrality 

that makes them loved by our customers who come from different countries, taces,

background and age groups.

We are so happy that we have been receiving several comments from our customers

that whenver they wear our items, they get complimented!


During this season of every year since we started MONOCIRCUS,

we feel like we are the little elves in Santa's secret factory, buzzing about

with getting packages wrapped up, writing gift cards and delivering the packages to the

post office! We love the job! 


There are lots of wonderful items other than these we have in store!

So do pop by and check out our little store here and find your perfect gift!


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The code is valid till December 20th, 2014.



Thank you and enjoy shopping!